Article #1297: 3DRACS 1.5.0

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Article #1297: 3DRACS 1.5.0

Created at 02:21 Mar 02, 2013 by Furkan

New Features & Changes in 3DRACS v1.5.0:

  • Added support of processing several point clouds at one time
  • Added support of mesh generation from 2D, 3D, and unorganized points
  • Added support of point cloud downsampling, outlier removal, merging, registration, etc.
  • Added support of accurate mesh registration/alignment, hole filling, merging, voxelization, etc.
  • Added support of mesh decimation which will reduce data size while maintaining fidelity
  • Added support of fast mesh smoothing
  • Added support of OBJ loader with mtl and fixed texture issue
  • Added drag and drop support
  • Improved subdivision, smoothing, fairing, algorithms and achieved maximum speed
  • Improved materials and colors support
  • Fixed and improved zooming and panning
  • Fixed texture mapping issues
  • Improved Real-Time Virtual 3D Scanner
  • Some GUI changes
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